Coping: Teresa Giudice


Coping: Teresa Giudice

A year ago I wrote an article about Mrs. Giudice entitled ‘Guilty or Guilt By Association’.  Riveting piece; and now that all has played out for America to see and Teresa was sentenced to jail time in Danbury, Ct. it should seem like a closed chapter.   I wanted to author another piece as a follow-up.

While it’s true that there are people who try to trick and deceive our legal system I still don’t believe this was the case for Teresa.  I believe Teresa is a victim of circumstances brought on by her husband.  The lavish life that Teresa sought was only because she was given the ‘green light’ by Joe to spend.  And why?  Because Joe had been committing mortgage fraud and expected to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from lenders.  Leading his wife to believe he secured positive business contracts and they could afford to live an opulent lifestyle.  Remember, she is a simple woman and she comes from  humble beginnings.

Fast forward– Teresa now sits in Danbury’s minimum security facility; the same institution Martha Stewart served time in completing her 15 month sentence.  One can only hope that the sentence will be a time of reflection for Teresa and even if she intends to remain married to Joe that upon her release; her priorities change.  I can’t imagine going to jail and coming home the way you left.   It has also been reported that the home the couple share in Towaco, NJ has undergone a major price reduction on its sale price by an icy $500K.  So, things are tight.  No report that the home has been sold yet.

The last thing I want is for my audience to think is that I am defending Teresa Giudice.  I’m not.  I just see her husband as the culprit in all of this.  It was his lies, his deception, and his theft that led to this downward spiral of events.  But someone has to pay the piper, right?  We will continue to give updates on Teresa.  So far, her camp has been quiet.  It’s good too that her daughter’s have not been media exposed (as of lately).

Keep your chin up, girl.

Doll xoxox

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